The team at DFW Spine Institute, Specializing in Laser, is committed to offering a range of minimally invasive treatment options for patients in the Dallas and Fort Worth area who suffer from back pain or other pain or mobility issues. We offer Lumbar Radiofrequency Neurotomy as a non-surgical option for customized pain management.

What is Lumbar Radiofrequency Neurotomy?

Lumbar Radiofrequency Neurotomy is a non-surgical pain management procedure to treat lower back pain, upper back pain, or neck pain. Your doctor may suggest lumbar radiofrequency neurotomy as an option if medications or other treatments have failed to relieve pain, or it may be used in conjunction with other treatments as part of a personalized care plan.

How Does Lumbar Radiofrequency Neurotomy Work?

Lumbar Radiofrequency Neurotomy utilizes radio waves to develop heat that is then targeted to specific nerves in a way that blocks pain signals from the nerve. To administer this procedure, the doctor will first use imaging tools to assess which nerves are causing the pain. Needles will then be inserted near the nerves to transfer the radio waves to the affected nerves. Patients will typically be awake during the procedure, but IV medication will be administered to keep the patient comfortable.

Lumbar Radiofrequency Neurotomy Recovery

This non-surgical outpatient procedure requires little downtime. Patients may feel some tenderness at the treatment location, but this is temporary and can be treated with over the counter pain medication or ice packs. Patients typically resume regular activities the day after the procedure.

Lumbar Radiofrequency Neurotomy Results

Lumbar Radiofrequency Neurotomy can provide temporary relief from pain and may be a good option for patients who are not candidates for permanent solutions such as surgery. Lumbar Radiofrequency Neurotomy may alleviate pain or provide improvement in pain levels for several months.

Am I A Candidate for Lumbar Radiofrequency Neurotomy?

Lumbar Radiofrequency Neurotomy may be used to treat a variety of conditions, including:

  • Neck Pain, Lower Back Pain, or Upper Back Pain caused by nerve damage
  • Facet Joint Disorders
  • Whiplash
  • Sacroiliac Joint (SI joint) Pain

At the DFW Spine Institute, specializing in laser, we are dedicated to helping patients live pain free. Get a free MRI review or schedule a consultation with a pain management specialist to find out if Lumbar Radiofrequency Neurotomy may be right for you.

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